Thursday, March 24, 2011

Alice in Wonderland Vest

I enjoy combining my love of clothing design and my compulsion for collage as often as possible. Wearable art has become a passion for me. I usually prefer to apply my collage work by hand, but with this vest I experimented with using a free motion quilting attachment to my sewing machine. I still prefer the quiet rhythm of hand sewing, but the edgy effect of this vest is really beautiful, and allowed me to use random little snippets of fabric that I probably wouldn't have before. Experimentation is always exciting. The vest is tea dyed and sized women size 2.

Dinner Invitation Jacket

A beautiful jacket, dressed up with embellishments of vintage embroidered linens applique's, crochet work, vintage trims and tapestry. Size women's 4

Darcy Jacket

A sweet little jacket, embellished with vintage tapestry applique' and loads of top stitching. Size women's 4

Marie Jacket

A beautiful, custom tailored jacket, embellished with vintage Irish Linen table cloth applique', tapestry, and crochet work. Women's size 2

Isak Jacket

This is a beautiful linen jacket, embellished with applique' from a vintage Irish Linen table cloth procured from a yard sale. Size women's 10