Thursday, April 5, 2012

An Altered Life....

" Time is a dressmaker specializing in alterations."

- Faith Baldwin

Today marks a milestone of sorts. One month ago, my twelve year old daughter came home from school at the end of the day with a monster headache. It has been a frustrating month of struggling with doctors, insurance company red tape, phone calls ( Five hours one day), emergency room visits, and experimenting with medications. Prior to this, I had happily been preparing for a wearable art exhibition/sale....the first I have been part of since venturing into this altered clothing endeavor. But this month long migraine has altered our lives. It has beaten us to a pulp really. Instead of excitedly finishing her last week of school before Spring Break and planning a birthday party with friends ( Reese is 13 on Monday), my daughter has spent a depressing, painful month lying in bed in her darkened room, briefly venturing out to doctor appointments and the occasional brief errand to try her sea legs. Before this happened we had an idea of what our every day was going to it's a mystery to us. I've continued in my preparation for the upcoming show, but it has been with much less joy, in between bouts of pacing while composing the next message for a doctor in my head. I have felt blessed to have this show to look forward to. The tunnel has felt very dark and lonely and filled with peril lately...but if we squint in order to blur all that is immediately surrounding us, we can faintly glimpse a faint light at the end.