Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm just going to come right out and say it....I am self-promotion deficient. I believe that many creative people have a difficult time using the business side of their brains...which holds many of us back from making a living as independent artists who don't also need to have a ' normal job' in order to pay the bills. All of the administrative activities make me crabby. But by not accomplishing them, I hold myself to blame for my own lack of financial success. I love what I do...I love it so much that taking time away from it is painful. I never have creative dry spells when it would be easier to dedicate myself more easily to the business side of my art business. I always have good intentions, and know the benefits of working on my blog or my Etsy site, or attending Meet the Artist events at the stores that carry my work. But the pieces of art that are in my head all have individual voices which are screaming out at the same time, creating such a din that I have a difficult time concentrating on anything but setting to the task of producing them so that they can shut the heck up! And then, of course, it is a never ending battle because there is always a new screaming voice to take it's place....a battle and a gift I suppose.

I am trying very hard though. And as proof, I am pleased to report that I have been honored to grace four pages in the summer issue of Altered Couture, which is a beautifully rendered magazine promoting Green Art fashion....the heart of what I do. Thank you to the people at Stampington for allowing me to hear the unfamiliar sounds of hands clapping for a's giving me a break from the screaming long enough to compose a new post!