Friday, February 17, 2012

I am a cocoon....

"It's easier to stay somewhat grounded if I can allow my mind to roam around on it's own most of the time." - Erin Smith

I am an introvert. It's something that I've struggled with all of my life....mainly because it's difficult for other people I think. I've always been accused of ' being in my head' too much. Growing up on a farm in Minnesota was a blessing for me as a child....hours and years of time alone, or usually in the company of a cat or 12, drawing, sifting through generations of artifacts buried in the buildings and groves of trees surrounding our property, imagining and always creating things. As an adult living in LA, life can become overwhelming for me. I've had to learn how to maneuver the world in a much different way, accepting that I can only control my environment a small percentage at a time. Being ' in my head' is the only way that I can function when crowds of people get to be too much. I love to be out in it, but as an a large degree I am still that little kid standing at the edge of the playground visually taking in information about how people interact. It doesn't bother me to not be in the center of it. I have such a busy inner world that never shuts down and keeps me up nights working through a backlog of creative ideas that flit around like clouds of butterflies. I feel blessed when I hear from anyone who has purchased or received anything I've created. It's a way that I can commune with a world of people whom I am not usually brave enough to just walk up to and start a conversation with. Thank you for appreciating and taking care of my butterflies when I've set them free.

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