Sunday, February 26, 2012


" Talent without discipline is like an octopus on roller skates. There's plenty of movement, but you never know if it's going to be forward, backward, or sideways."
- H. Jackson Browne Jr.

People accuse me of never relaxing. It's true that I always have a running list in my head, that I am always problem solving, as most of my work is experimental in nature. I will always be the first person to confess that the older I grow, the less I feel I know for sure. I never know what will be popular. So, I'm always creating new pieces, rarely taking a day off even working when I'm supposed to be on vacation. Often, the pieces that speak the loudest to me, leave other people scratching their heads. I enjoy receiving feedback from people. Some of my pieces take months to complete, and I can get tunnel vision. I love releasing a new work into the wild and seeing how it fares. Many times I need to drag a piece back into the studio for revisions, which can, in the moment, feel like a step backward if I allow it to. In reworking a piece, more often it ends up being a step forward, and a period of growth as a human and as an artist. My greatest desire is that by throwing as much of myself out there into the world, I will leave my mark by inspiring other people to do so as well. Other elements in my life are always shifting, but the need to create and finding a means of doing so will always be the driving force for me opening my eyes every day.

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